Trening z Nicole Speletic, PhD

09. avg. 2019

ob 18:00

Nicole is a dance artist and a philosopher. She grew up in New York City – with a view of the Empire State Building from her back-yard.

She started her dance training in Washington DC, with a group of inspiring teachers and dancers at Georgetown University and later she trained in New York City, was an apprentice with the Limon Dance Company, and trained at various New York City studios including Peridance.

She teaches modern dance to all levels - and offers creative workshops to groups, and seminars on philosophy and dance/ movement and meaning.

Her Philosophy: "I understand now that we are both thinking / imaginative / conscious beings and embodied / physical / natural beings. I started out indoctrinated in a view that the body is lower; the mind and spirit are higher, and more valuable. The body was problematic. Gradually, I came to see that physicality and embodiment are wondrous, intrinsic to our (well)being and integral to our ideas and emotions, equally valid and valuable. As my respect and wonder for the body grew, so did my understanding of our connection to the natural, physical world we are part of. I grew to embrace the full, creative, expressive potential of movement and dance, of matter and energy in time and space alive with power and energy."

It will be a pleasure to meet you in the studio and to work/play/dance together, Nicole.

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