Movement jam

21. feb. 2019

ob 20:30

Continuous movement. Fluideum.
An evening of dance. Movement. In continuum.
Foming an unbroken whole without interuption.
Whatever appears on your way. It is. Moves. Continuously.
Through you. Through space. And through time.

The evening will be structured in :

1. Arriving. Noticing. What is. We are movement already. Whatever we do. Becoming available. For a cooperation within. Connecting. Reading. Listening.

2. Letting it happen. The now. The music. The moment. The me. The us.
Collecting it all into uncontrolable life.Let the movement journey happen.

3. Amobic circle in the end. Creating a whole together. Sensing. What is. Resting. Receiving.

4. Afterparty. Space for bodywork. Tea. Eating. Socializing. Talking. Being. And seeing. All is movement.

Who is Valentina?

Valentina Čabro, originally from Bosnija, studied dance and choreography(M.A.) in Essen, Montpellier, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Dresden. She has been working as dancer and choreographer with Plesni Teater Ljubljana, MGL, Mladinsko Gledališče, Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Europeen Centre of Art Dresden and many other great places. Collaborated in Slovenija with Jernej Lorenzi, Sebastian Horvat, Matjaz Farič, Gregor Kamnikar, Tanja Zgonc, Matej Keizer, Mateja Bučar, Teja Reba, Leja Jurečič, Nataša Kos and many other dance, music and visual artists in Europe.

Researcher and experiencer of movement and composition, at home in contemporary dance and performing arts,contact improvisation and contango, instant composition. somatic body work and improvisation. Arriving back in Ljubljana. In the moment of unique creation. Us. now. Ready for dropping and sharing knowledge. Ready for new creation.
For being simply a body. In space. And time. and love. now.

Price? 6€

Za vse člane, ki obiskujete vadbe v Prostor 5 je movement jam brezplačen, za vse ostale je prispevek 6€.